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Gobal climate change is happening now. Developing countries and particularly the world’s poorest people are affected first and worst by changes of climate and extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and rising sea levels. The Social Development Department of the World Bank is taking the lead to build a greater understanding of how climate change affects people’s lives and communities around the world, especially in developing countries, and of what can be done to reduce their vulnerability and build climate resilience.

Vulnerability Exposed: Social Dimensions of Climate Change is a competition of 2-5 minute documentaries that highlight the social aspects of climate change as experienced and/or observed by the film-makers. This short-documentary contest is a follow-up to our landmark March 2008 International Workshop on the Social Dimensions of Climate Change (read the story about the Workshop). We hope to receive submissions which creatively showcase the implications of climate change for conflict, migration, urban space, rural institutions, drylands, social policy, indigenous peoples, gender, governance, forests and/or human rights.

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