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For all muslims,happy eid mubarrak! hope we can meet the next ramadhan and be a better person day by day..mm,nothing to share (i have no time to share anything actually), tomorrow im going to 11 nights and 12 days trip to my hometown, Silungkang. it will take 36 hours on road and 2 hours on ferry and i will spend my 38 hrs trip with new people ALONE..hope i wont feel as im a stranger there, at least i have bring my camera,mp3,celly and books if i do feel bored..yay im soo excited, i will go back there after 8 years long. there must be lots of new things there..okay,im off now,see you the next 2 weeks,insya Allah, i will report my trip here and bring the beauty and the uniqueness of my hometown to all of you..my dad already mad at me,i havent finished to pack my stuff ^^ bye..

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Gobal climate change is happening now. Developing countries and particularly the world’s poorest people are affected first and worst by changes of climate and extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and rising sea levels. The Social Development Department of the World Bank is taking the lead to build a greater understanding of how climate change affects people’s lives and communities around the world, especially in developing countries, and of what can be done to reduce their vulnerability and build climate resilience.

Vulnerability Exposed: Social Dimensions of Climate Change is a competition of 2-5 minute documentaries that highlight the social aspects of climate change as experienced and/or observed by the film-makers. This short-documentary contest is a follow-up to our landmark March 2008 International Workshop on the Social Dimensions of Climate Change (read the story about the Workshop). We hope to receive submissions which creatively showcase the implications of climate change for conflict, migration, urban space, rural institutions, drylands, social policy, indigenous peoples, gender, governance, forests and/or human rights.

for more information go here

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UTS: Engineering offers scholarships to international students for its masters by coursework programs. Each scholarship will be awarded based solely on academic results achieved by the applicant in their undergraduate degree. The next intake will be for Autumn Semester 2009. Applications close 8 December 2008.

The scholarships are available for the following courses:
* Master of Engineering Studies;
* Master of Engineering Management;
* Master of Software Engineering Management;
* Master of Environmental Engineering Management.

Click here to view and download:
* Scholarship Poster
* Application Form
* Guidelines

Eligibility to apply:
You must:
1. have completed or expect to complete an undergraduate degree equivalent to an Australian Bachelor degree with an overall mark of 65% and no fails;
2. fulfil all academic requirements for the degree (including English language requirements) :
3. submit an International Student Postgraduate Application form prior to or at the same time as submitting the Masters Scholarship for Outstanding International Students application form.

Closing Date and Application:
Applications for Autumn Semester (February intake) 2009 close 8 December 2008.

Scholarship Details:
The scholarships consist of a total of $2,500 per student. The amount will be paid directly towards students’ tuition fees after the commencement of their studies. For further information, please see the official announcement.
http://www.eng. uts.edu.au/ international/ scholarships/ Masters.htm

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hai..hai..hai..for all the scholarship hunter like me…you have to note this day and free that day from other activities..keep on fighting and good luck..

Date : 30 Oct-1 Nov 2008

Venue : Balairung Universitas Indonesia, Kampus UI, Depok

Organizer : Career Development Center UI

for more information go here

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o my gosh..terrible!! this is the poster that i take from my university library board..so for all the smokers out there..STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! or you will turn to an alien-disgusting-terrible look like this..sorry for the inconvenient pic ><

the zooming-mode

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someone send me this..just try it when you get some stress bcoz of your works..i had tried this, and..it didn’t work..kekekeke..

Kalau udah stress atau ngantuk bener di kantor,
take time
7 menit dan matikan telepon anda, ayo ikuti senam ringan ini… gerakan yg betul…

ni ala taichi dikit ..
sebagai intro n warming up..

tirukan gaya spt ni…
untuk mengendurkan otot bahu dan leher..

wa..wa.. aaaakulah pahlawan bertopeng, gerakan tebar pesona

gerak ke kanan kemudian ke kiri.. yiihaaaa….

gerak ke kiri kemudian ke kanan… biar imbang balikin lagi arahnya…
ikuti aja … jgn banyak comment

ambil kayu / bata pukul kuat kuat di dahi..kalau ga ada boleh pakai setumpuk paper work atau quotation
ini tips untuk menghilangkan ngantuk.. jamin cesplengggggg……

habis itu buat gerakan tangan dan badan…
buat gaya happy aja.. jgn lupa senyum biar enak di liat….

kemudian goyang2 kaki dan badan … memperlancar sendi bahu…. namanya goyang rege sebagian…


buat secara aggresive pula…
jangan peduli apa orang lain bilang.. lepaskan semua bebannnnnn….. “lepas…lepas…lepas….”

lenyaplah semua stress… “lenyap….lenyap…”

buat exercise tambahan putar kepala … ” membuang sedikit beban yg tertinggal di kepala”

lihat wajah di cermin
sambil goyang2 n gaya cute

tahap akhir sekali, tahap manggil hokie..

“hoki…hoki.. lai…. lai….hoki hoki lai…. “

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Mine is Han Hye Hoon..what’s yours?? ^^

I. Surname : Korean surname is the last number in your year of birth .
– 0: Park
– 1: Kim
– 2: Shin
– 3: Choi
– 4: Song

– 5: Kang
– 6: Han
– 7: Lee

– 8: Sung
– 9: Jung

read the ret

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